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One of the most important elements of successful criminal defense work is having an experienced legal investigator on your defense team as soon as possible. Not all criminal cases require the services of a professional defense investigator. However, in the cases that do, the defense investigator is a vital member of the defense team. Once your client is suspected/investigated (Pre-File Stage), arrested or charged with a crime, an experienced Criminal Defense Investigator should be developing intelligence and securing potential witnesses and or evidence before too much time has passed.

Even before the discovery documents are received from the prosecution, you as defense counsel are trusted with re-investigating the law enforcement investigation to ensure it was done legally, thoroughly and fairly. That task by itself can often be meticulously time consuming and overwhelming. This should not be performed without the assistance of a Criminal Defense Investigator.

In order to effectively defend the accused, the Defense Investigator must have the training and experience empowering him or her to distinguish where any law enforcement oversights, deviations or omissions have occurred to ensure that all established procedures were followed during the law enforcement investigation. The Defense Investigator must talk to all witnesses; analyze all the evidence (including physical, video/audio/photographic, etc.) that is compiled by the prosecution. The Defense Investigator must have the knowledge and expertise to effectively perform these interviews. This can only occur if the Defense Investigator is familiar with the explicit details of the case, is calculated when utilizing their interviewing techniques & methodologies and is Astute in recognizing body language/Kinesics during the interview process.

Mr. Ammons has an innate ability to level the criminal justice playing field by identifying defense issues in government cases, locating and interviewing difficult witnesses, and delivering timely crime scene and case analysis/timeline insight. Having previously worked at one of the nations largest Criminal Defense Firms, Claude thoroughly understands and appreciates all of the dynamics that you as defense counsel are confronted with day in and day out while defending those accused of any crime.

The government utilizes unlimited investigative resources and has the funds needed to pursue and prosecute you or your client. Complete your Defense team by bring in ACI / Astute Criminal Investigations. Together we can dig up the facts to uncover reasonable doubt. - Justice for ALL!

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Wrongful Death Investigations founder is a CA Licensed Private Investigation Agency located in California. In states or countries where Astute Criminal Investigations has not obtained a license to provide Private Investigation services (where applicable), Astute Criminal Investigations has established strategic partnership with Private Detectives within the continental US & worldwide and will contract investigative & protective services and or refer leads generated from this site to qualified Private Investigators, as needed.
Criminal Defense Investigation Methodology

Astute Criminal Investigations has adopted the Component Method as our Investigative methodology after receiving training from Mr. Perron. Although, the component Method was designed by Mr Perron to be used as sttandard for conducting criminal investigations. We believe that these principals are the foundations for superior investigations regardless of a specific niche. Mr. Ammons had already been successfully utilizing many of the investigative principals for years before he attended Mr. Perron's training. However, Mr. Perron's concepts and methodologies provided a clear road-map for concise investigations that he believes every investigator should attend any and all training offfered by Mr. Perron and The Criminal Defense Training Council-- Thank you Brandon!!!

The need to standardize and develop an investigative philosophy and methodology specific to the discipline of criminal defense investigation has been the subject of much research and debate. The answer to the problem was culminated by a joint effort between the public defender system and the private investigation profession. The Component Method was developed to provide public defender investigators and private sector investigators with a formula for conducting successful and comprehensive criminal defense assignments. The Component Method utilizes accepted and proven investigative procedure in an easy to follow format. Each component of the investigation process is designed to uncover leads and develop questions leading to the next component. The subsequent components support the investigator’s efforts to track leads and answer questions developed in previous components. Utilization of the Component Method allows the criminal defense investigator to begin and end an investigation with the knowledge and confidence that an effective and professional investigation was completed.

The Component Method also performs well as a management tool. Senior investigators maintaining supervisory roles, as well as the responsibility of a significant caseload, are able to utilize the system to monitor the progress of subordinates. Historically, the problems associated with “passing the torch” of experience to entry-level criminal defense investigators has been a significant problem. Adherence to a specific methodology allows the supervisor and field investigator to cultivate and pursue a team approach while still allowing for individual critical and creative thinking. The Component Method provides a general course of action while conducting comprehensive assignments. Utilizing this methodology provides an understanding between the supervisor and field investigator regarding expectations and the general course of inquiry.

The six components of criminal defense investigation defining the Component Method are as follows;

1. Investigative Case Review & Analysis
2. The Defendant Interview
3. Crime Scene Examination, Diagrams & Photography
4. Victim/Witness Background Investigations
5. Witness Interviews & Statements
6. Report of Investigation & Testifying

The Component Method also reinforces the investigator’s role as the primary investigator in control of the course of the investigation. Utilization of resources such as forensic experts and specialists to support the primary investigator and his pursuit of the truth is also explored. In addition, the investigator’s responsibility as a thinker and strategist is discussed on an intellectual as well as practical level. The Component Method maintains that the investigator must assume a position as an impartial and objective advocate of the truth. A position that requires discipline, integrity, and an unwavering sense of honor.

The Component Method is intended to be a guide to assist the criminal defense investigator in the course of his investigation. Utilizing the Component Method as a reference source for fundamental information, techniques, and skills will enable the criminal defense investigator to perform assigned tasks effectively and efficiently. The Component Method can be utilized as a preliminary or comprehensive plan. The individual components can be limited or expanded to conform to the specific needs of each case. Proper execution of the Component Method will allow the criminal defense investigator to submit his final report with the confidence that a thorough investigation was accomplished. The report of investigation documenting the criminal defense investigator’s findings will allow defense counsel to develop a defense strategy based upon facts and not abstract theory or conjecture. Subsequently, defense counsel may request additional investigation based upon initial findings, investigative recommendations, or supplemental discovery.

(Excerpts taken from Brandon A. Perron's website.

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